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  • Jennifer Watkins

Autumn's new opportunities

There's so many reasons to be grateful for autumn! Now - as heat, bushfires and snakes recede into memory - we can proceed with some of the outdoor projects we so enjoy when it's cool.

Change was needed

In the circular bed, the central dark green columnar tree had grown far too tall. The tree roots had affected the box edging around it too, causing parts of it to die off.

So the tree and the box hedge were removed this week. Jennifer began work on the area then, using her favourite garden tool - a stout mattock - to remove the remains of tree roots.

Plans are ready

Over the next few weeks, the bed will be prepared for its new look. There'll be a central statue, surrounded by succulents. The design has been chosen and the succulents will be propagated from those adorning other areas within the home garden. We've had such success with those succulents that we're keen to use them in the memorial area.

Watch this space!

We're looking forward to showing you the results of the redevelopment - the project should be completed by the end of June.

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