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Funeral Services



Retrieval of the deceased from the place of death. Extra charges may apply for retrievals after hours, on public holidays or weekends, or for distances greater than 30 kilometres.

Professional Services

Provision of professional and qualified staff.
Provision and maintenance of vehicles, equipment and all facilities as needed and upkeep of extensive garden areas.


Procurement of doctors’ certificates and processing all paperwork to facilitate the requirements of the Registrar of Births Deaths & Marriages; ordering of cremation permits and death certificates.

Funeral Costs

Our policy is to provide you with a professional service without imposing a financial burden on your family. If you envisage any difficulty with funeral costs, please discuss this matter with us.

Death Notices

Preparation and insertion of death and funeral notices in newspapers.

Client Services

Attending with family to arrange all requirements for funeral service.

Our venue

Unlimited use of our lounge and garden for refreshments after a ceremony held in our chapel.

Other Departments

Liaison with State Coroner, as needed.
Advice of death to Centrelink, as needed.


When a cremation has taken place, arrangement for delivery of ashes to family members or to memorial locations.

Ash placement

If the ashes are required to be placed in a grave site, arrangment for this to take place (within the local area) and attending with staff if needed.

Mortuary Care

Attention to the immediate care of the deceased in our refrigerated mortuary; dressing, hair styling and preparation as needed.


Liaison with clergy or celebrant as needed and arranging for musicians or music to be played as required.


Attending to all requirements for viewing in our chapel or other venue as needed and attendance by staff.


Ordering and collection of catering requirements, as needed.

Memorial Cards

Arranging for design and printing of memorial cards or hymn sheets.


Ordering and collection of floral tributes from florist.

Ceremony Venues

Provision of staff, vehicles and equipment necessary for funerals held at a church or cemetery. Liaison with cemetery as needed. Attendance by staff at venue of funeral ceremony.

Civil Ceremonies

Preparation and presentation of personalised services, as required.

Memorial Book

Supply of memorial book for mourners to sign and family to keep.

Follow up

Follow-up contact and family care as needed following the funeral.

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