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An old garden bed renewed

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Just outside our public lounge, there's a curved garden bed which has been totally revamped.

Some years ago it was planted with shrubs and perennials but alas, over time the shrubs grew far too large.

So in May this year, everything was removed from that bed - leaving a host of tree roots.

That's when I was able to get to work with my mattock, to rejuvenate the area ready for new planting! A detailed plan had been drawn up for the placement and colour co-ordination of the new plants in a palette of pink, blue, lemon and white.

I had so much enjoyment researching and planning the plants for this new area. For the taller plants, Calamagrostis "Karl Foerster", Canna "Constitution" and Verbena hastata "Blue Spires" were chosen. Salvias are there too - "Waverly", "Indigo Spires", "Joan" "Black and Bloom". Sedums are some of my favourite edging plants - there's "Blue Pearl"(with blue/violet foliage) "Hot Stuff" (brilliant pink) and "Matrona". On the sheltered side of the bed there's "Alchemilla Mollis" (Ladies' Mantle), and on the more exposed edges hardy geraniums and achilleas. For seasonal colour, there's tall cosmos, with brilliant pansies and violas.

Here's the new garden bed on 15th December!

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